West Plains Subarea Planning

The City of Spokane won a grant from the Department of Commerce to lead subarea planning efforts in the West Plains with an emphasis on capital facilities needs. The work is an on-going multi-jurisdictional project and includes partners such as the City of Airway Heights, Spokane County, Spokane International Airport, WSDOT, Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane Tribe, Kalispel Tribe, Spokane Transit Authority, City of Cheney, City of Medical Lake, Cheney School District and others.

After providing a comprehensive review of the existing conditions and needs in the area, efforts are focused on generating alternative solutions to prepare the West Plains for continued growth and coordinating planned infrastructure projects.

The Draft West Plains Transportation Subarea Plan updated for the March 26 PC Hearing is available for review and comment

Send comments to Kathleen Weinand, City of Spokane Planning and Development,
808 W Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane WA 99201 or kweinand@spokancity.org.

West Plains Open House Meeting

On February 12, 2014, a public open house was held at the Airway Heights Public Library to present design concepts and proposed projects that have been developed for the West Plans Sub-area plan. These included building and Bike/Ped facility conceptual designs for Highway 2 and Sunset Highway, proposed project maps, as well as a draft arterial map.

Some of the draft proposals discussed:

Draft Updated Arterial Plan
Draft Long Term Bike Plan
Draft Improvement Concepts for Highway 2
Highway 2 Concept display combined

Draft Plan Presented to Partner Jurisdictions Plan Commissions

Updated November 19, 2013

The Planning Commissions for Spokane County, City of Spokane, Cheney and Airway Heights reviewed the project work to date and provided input on draft documents. Commissioners discussed the drafts at their regularly scheduled November meetings. See the presentation.

West Plains Subarea Planning
Second Public Workshop

Updated May 30, 2013

The presentation at the second public workshop highlighted results from the first workshop's activities, discussed capacity and traffic forecasts for the West Plains area, identified projected deficiencies in existing facilities and guided the activities for the second workshop.

To see a copy of the presentation , please click here:

West Plains Subarea Planning Second Public Workshop Presentation  


West Plains Chamber of Commerce's

Economic Development Committee Presentation

On April 24th, we presented to the West Plains Chamber of Commerce's Economic Development Committee about the West Plains Sub-Area planning process thus far. We spoke about the existing conditions in the West Plains, the purpose and scope of the project and showcased the inventory of industrial land we completed.

Check out our presentation.

Results from the March Workshop Dreamlines Exercise

The above map (click map to view) is a compilation of desired transportation improvements and new corridors proposed by participants of our first public workshop. Were you unable to attend the workshop but have some ideas about transportation needs in the West Plains? Make sure to take the above survey, check out the workshop presentation and create a Dreamlines map of your own. Send completed dreamlines maps to Kathleen Weinand, City of Spokane Planning and Development, 808 W Spokane falls Blvd., Spokane WA 99201 or kweinand@spokancity.org.

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Staff Contacts
Louis Meuler, Program Manager (509) 625-6096
Kathleen Weinand (509) 625-6146