Pedestrian Master Plan

Everyone walks, whether young or old, whether on foot or using a mobility device, whether as a walking trip alone or in conjunction with driving, taking transit, or bicycling. Walking is an essential mode of transportation for Spokane residents, and contributes to the success of public transit, vibrant business districts, local parks, schools, and safe neighborhoods. The Pedestrian Master Plan lays the foundation for implementing multi-modal transportation goals and policy articulated in the Comprehensive Plan and allows the City to strategically invest existing pedestrian dollars such as TBD or CDBG funds.

Phase I outcomes of the Pedestrian Master Plan were developed from April 2011 until April 2012 under the guidance of an internal work team, Citizen Advisory Committee, and general citizen input and participation.

The Pedestrian Master Plan promotes pedestrian safety and access to help ensure that Spokane is a safe, convenient, and attractive place to walk. The Plan is built around the concept of pedestrian generators and provides a map of Pedestrian Priority Zones for pedestrian investments. Specific land uses generate significantly higher numbers of pedestrian trips than general single family residential development. Land uses such as neighborhood commercial areas, schools, parks, transit stops, and multifamily developments all generate more pedestrians than single family residential developments. Priority areas arise when multiple uses are in immediate proximity to one another. These priority areas become the first stop for local pedestrian dollars and focus investment on ADA retrofits, barrier removal, and crosswalk considerations before installing new sidewalk.

Phase II of the Pedestrian Master Planning process will coincide with the Comprehensive Plan Transportation Chapter Update. Beginning in Fall of 2012, additional opportunities for public input and participation will be announced. Phase II will identify priority street segments within Pedestrian Priority Zones for targeted improvements over the next twenty years.

You can review the project materials to learn what the project has accomplished up to this point. You can find out how to get involved in upcoming meetings and events. You can also tell us what you think by sending us your comments and questions (we will respond if you ask us to):

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